Common Tasks

The following topics describe common tasks that you are likely to perform on a regular basis:

Specifying Columns - Select which columns of information appear in lists.
Sorting Lists - Sort lists of information in ascending or descending order.
Filtering Jobs and Routes - Filter jobs and routes based on string queries.
Filtering Recurring Jobs - Filter recurring jobs based on string queries.
Grouping Routes by Driver - Group the routes shown in the routes list by their driver, and view routes for up to seven consecutive days.
Viewing Routes on the Map - Draw a route highlight (a graphical representation of actual turn-by-turn street directions) on the map.
Viewing Jobs on the Map - Zoom the map to a job location.
Changing the Map Style - Changing the appearance of the map, and viewing satellite imagery.
Viewing All Unassigned Jobs - Filter the Jobs List so it displays only jobs that have not yet been assigned to a route.
Sorting Jobs by Route Order - Filter the Jobs List to display jobs in their scheduled route order.
Evaluating Route and Job Warnings - Identify job and route warnings, and find more information about them.
Importing Jobs and Routes - Import jobs or routes using .csv or .xlsx format files.
Configuring Route and Job Warnings - Specify which exceptions are treated as critical violations, and which non-critical.
Configuring Real-Time Job Warnings - Specify which types of real-time job alerts are treated as critical or non-critical, how they are shown in the user interface, and which are hidden.
Managing Vehicle Loads - Define capacity metrics and specify the capacity of each vehicle so loads are optimized across the vehicles in your fleet.
Configuring Custom Job Properties - Specify custom properties that are allowed for all jobs.
Viewing the User Action History Panel - View past route and job updates, who carried them out and when, in a combined History panel.
Viewing the Violations Panel - View all violations for a given day, and the times and routes they relate to.
Viewing the Job and Route History - View past job and route updates, who carried them out and when, in separate History lists for either jobs or routes.
Configuring Dispatch Preferences - Specify how Dispatch behaves when first opened; and what route and job actions require either permission to commence, or a confirmation message once completed.