Sorting Lists

Many of the panels in Verizon Connect® Dispatch™ display information about jobs and routes as lists. The order of information shown in these lists can be sorted in ascending or descending order for numerical and alphabetical information, as well as dates and times (for example for the 'Last Modified' columns).

To change the sort direction for a field:

1.Click the column heading.
2.Click the arrow that appears to the right of the column's name:

The arrow changes direction to indicate the sort order (down for ascending, up for descending).
3.Click a second time to reverse the sorting direction from ascending to descending, or from descending to ascending.



1.Open the column picker for the column you want to sort. The picker appears as a downward-facing gray arrow to the right of the column name:

2.Click Sort Ascending or Sort Descending from the menu.