Viewing Jobs on the Map

To view a particular job location on the map:

1.Locate the job in the Daily Routes List or the Jobs List.
Right-click the job name in the Jobs List, and then select View on map from the menu, or;

Click the gray circle to the left of an assigned job's name on the Jobs List (jobs that have not yet been assigned to a route cannot be viewed on the map this way; instead an auto-assign icon is shown at this location) or;

Filter the Jobs List to display only the job or jobs you want to view on the map, and then filter the jobs using the Show Filtered Jobs button on the map tool bar. The locations of all jobs currently visible in the Jobs List are rendered on the map as circular icons (up to a maximum of 200 jobs), or;

Right-click the job in the Daily Routes List, and then select View on map from the menu. Only jobs that have been assigned to a route can be located using this method. If the job has not yet been assigned to a route, use the alternative Jobs List methods described previously on this page, or;

Double-click the horizontal row containing the job in the Jobs List. The map pans and zooms, re-centering on the location of the job. The job location is rendered as a circular icon for as long as the mouse cursor remains on the job row. If the job is assigned to a route, the assigned route is opened in the details Route Timeline and the route is moved to the top of the Daily Routes list.

The map zooms and centers on a icon representing the single job location, or, if using the map job filtering tool, the jobs are rendered on the map immediately without any panning or zooming:

If the map is panned for any reason, hiding the single job from the current map view, hold your mouse cursor over the job name on the Daily Routes, Route Timeline or the Jobs List panel. An arrow icon appears along the edge or a corner of the map panel indicating the direction and distance of the job relative to the current map view. For example:

For some larger cities you can view buildings in 3D. To do this, repeatedly click on the Map View () button until you see the "Detailed" map view and then zoom in close enough.