Viewing Routes on the Map

Routes can be drawn on the map, or hidden from view when no longer needed.

To quickly draw all routes currently showing in the Daily Routes List on the map, or to remove any routes currently showing on the map, click the Show All Routes button () located in the header row of the route highlight column.

Show a Route on the Map

1.Select the day you want to view using the date control in the upper left corner of the Jobs List panel, or change day using the left and right arrows to move ahead or back one day at a time:



You can quickly move ahead or backward from month to month in the calendar using your mouse scroll-wheel.

2.Locate the route in the Daily Routes list, or any of the jobs assigned to the route in the Jobs List.
Right-click the job name in the Jobs List, and then select Route > View on map from the menu, or;

Right-click the route in the Daily Routes List, and then select View on map from the menu, or;

Click the Highlight button () beside the route's name on the Daily Routes list. The color of the route highlight is shown to the left of the route checkbox, at the far left edge of the row, and the highlight drawn on the map. The highlight icon at the top of the Highlight column also changes color (to black, not the highlight color of the route).

The Highlight button. The button color in this example indicates that the route drawn on the map is green.

The route drawn on the map
The jobs assigned to the highlighted route can now be identified in the Jobs List. The color used to highlight the route on the map is also used on the circle icon to the left of the name of each job on the route. If you highlight several routes on the map, each different route color is also shown by their respective jobs on the Jobs List.

You can also quickly filter the Jobs List to display only jobs assigned to the routes that are currently shown on the map by opening the filter tool and selecting the Jobs on Drawn Routes option.

Hover your mouse over the route highlight to view details of the route. Details shown at the top of the balloon window include the route's driver and vehicle, and its status. In the bottom left of the balloon window, planning details its scheduled start time, duration, distance, details of the shift the route is scheduled to occur within, and any violations the planned route configuration generates are shown.
If your subscription includes Verizon Connect® Response™, the bottom right of the balloon shows the actual details of the route if it was scheduled to start in the past, or has already been completed. These details include when the route actually started, and when it ended if it has been completed; the actual duration of the route, and the actual distance that was driven to complete the route.


Route statuses that might be shown in the upper right corner of the balloon are:

Route Status



Not Started

The vehicle has not left the initial depot location of a route, or been detected as arriving at the first job of the route. Note that if the vehicle has left the depot, but this departure is not detected, the route status might be shown as 'Not Started' until the vehicle is identified as being at a job site.

In Progress

The vehicle has arrived at the any of the jobs on the route and, if at the final depot location, the scheduled time on site has not been exceeded (or the ignition turned off, or the vehicle idled longer than the scheduled time on site).


The vehicle has completed the final job on the route, and the planned duration of the route has been exceeded, and either the vehicle has stopped at the depot and turned its ignition off or the vehicle has remained idling for longer than the scheduled "mid-route return to depot" time on site.

Not Completed

The vehicle has arrived at a job assigned to a different route (thereby starting another route) without completing the final job of the previous route. Alternatively, the scheduled duration of the initial route, plus any additional threshold time given to that route, has been exceeded.

You can also click a job row in the Jobs List to highlight the route the job is assigned to, if any, in the Daily Routes list. The route is also moved to the top of the routes list.


Right-click a route on the map and then click the Change Color option on the menu that opens to change the color of the route highlight. This changes both the color of the route on the map, and the color of the circle icons beside the individual jobs the route contains in the Jobs List.

Hide a Route on the Map

To hide a route that is currently visible on the map:

Right-click the route on the map and then, from the contextual menu, select Remove route from map, or;
Locate the route in the Daily Routes List and clear the Highlight button () beside the route's name. or;
Click the Highlight button () at the top of the highlight icons column. This hides all visible routes on the map. If there are no routes visible on the map, clicking this icon highlights all routes in the Daily Routes List on the map.

The Highlight button beside each route is shown in the same color used to draw the route on the map.