Changing the Map Style

You can change the appearance ("style") of the map between three different styles: "Low Contrast", "Detailed", and "Satellite". The default "Low Contrast" map view is designed to improve the visibility of highlighted routes and jobs against the map background, and reduces eye strain in low brightness environments. The map's "Satellite" view displays photographic imagery taken from orbit and is helpful for identifying local geographic features, buildings and natural terrain. The "Detailed" map view uses a traditional high contrast and high color map style for greater visual 'pop', and is suitable for high brightness environments and when viewing with smaller monitors (such as laptop displays). When you zoom in to the "Detailed" map view, you can see buildings in 3D for some larger cities.

To change the current map style:

Hover your mouse above the Map panel to activate the map toolbar in the upper left corner of the map:

Click the Map View () button to cycle between the available map views:

Low Contrast Map Style

Detailed (High Contrast) Map Style

  Satellite View