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The Verizon Connect fleet management platform is composed of many interlocking products housed within a single browser-based 'platform' interface. Different combinations of products and features are possible, depending on your unique account permissions and your product subscription.

This help system provides information covering the full superset of these products. However, it is unlikely that your account includes every feature described in this guide. If you encounter a feature or option not included in your account, please contact support for more information about purchasing a subscription.

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This system includes help on the following topics/products:

Verizon Connect Fleet: The web-based fleet management solution built on a scalable platform and designed to integrate with your entire business, from logistics and maintenance through to payroll and dispatch. Use this system to monitor your entire fleet from a single map view, giving you real-time information about routes, jobs, vehicles and customer locations.

Verizon Connect Response: Compare your fleet plan with what's actually happening with the work order management solution that allows your mobile workforce to respond dynamically to changing conditions. Create and dispatch jobs, and see when jobs are scheduled for completion, where, and by whom.

Verizon Connect Dispatch: Use Verizon Connect® Dispatch™ to fine tune your routes. Typically, this fine tuning takes place in the days before routes are scheduled, allowing refinements that may be needed to account for changes to local conditions. This 'next day' planning model is helpful when dealing with unpredictable events, such as changing weather, road closures, changes to vehicle or driver availability, and emergency or one-off deliveries.

Verizon Connect Scenarios: Use Verizon Connect® Scenarios™ to optimize your routes using the RouteCloud high-speed optimization engine, and to simulate route changes and evaluate their effect on route cost and efficiency.

Verizon Connect Spotlight: Use Verizon Connect® Spotlight™ to remotely manage your fleet from any computer, tablet or smart phone. Verizon Connect® Spotlight™ will show you a high-level map view of all of your fleet assets, letting you check the locations of vehicles and drivers in real-time as they work through their shifts; and even call drivers directly.

Verizon Connect WorkPlan: Use the Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™ mobile application to manage your jobs from iOS and Android tablets and smart phones. Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™ shows drivers the jobs they need to complete, lets them fill in and instantly submit inspection and job forms, and update their job statuses in real time. Optional plug-ins can be used to maintain compliance with Hours of Service regulations, self-monitor driving behavior (by alerting drivers to speeding, harsh acceleration and braking, and excessive engine idling events), and to navigate to destinations using accurate turn-by-turn map routes.

Verizon Connect Coach: Use the Verizon Connect® Coach™ mobile application to manage driving behavior from iOS and Android tablets and smart phones. Verizon Connect® Coach™ allows drivers to track and review their driving behavior, to see what practices need correction, and to monitor how their overall safety and driving habits compare with other drivers in their team and the goals of your organization.

Verizon Connect Navigation: Use the Verizon Connect® Navigation™ mobile application to manage your routes from iOS and Android tablets and smart phones. Verizon Connect® Navigation™ generates accurate, truck-legal, turn-by-turn directions along routes determined by vehicle dimension, weight and load. It features offline map data, alerts, spoken navigation. road-ahead previews, and accepts driver-submitted feedback about route quality, road closures and emergencies that is used to re-route other drivers using Verizon Connect® Navigation™.


Because administrators can freely change the terminology and text shown in your user interface, the product you see may differ slightly from the pictures shown in this help system.


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