Sorting Jobs by Route Order

Sorting of the Jobs List is performed by clicking on the header row of the column you want to sort, as described in the Sorting Lists section. If two values in the list are the same, then any previous sorting used immediately beforehand is used. You can use this feature to order jobs in Jobs List by the order they appear in their routes, and then order them again by their assigned driver. Doing so will display the jobs in each respective route in their correct order:

1.Select the day you are interested in using the date control in the upper left corner of the Jobs List panel.

2.Change the status filter drop-down menu to Assigned. The Jobs List now shows only jobs that have been assigned.
3.Turn on the Planned Arrival column by clicking the column picker to the right of any column name, then select Columns > Arrival Time:
4.Click the top row of the Planned Arrival column to sort the jobs in the Jobs List by their scheduled arrival time. All jobs are now shown in their scheduled order.
5.Click the top row of the Driver column to sort the jobs in the Jobs List by their assigned driver. All jobs assigned to each driver are now shown in their correct order.