Viewing the User Action History Panel

Every time you create or delete a route or job, create a route card, assign or unassign a job, or edit a job or route, the action is tracked and recorded by Verizon Connect® Dispatch™. A list of these records is shown in the History panel, and, like the Jobs List and the Daily Routes panels, the History includes a filter to search for specific historic changes to jobs and routes.

The History panel displays actions performed by people. You can also view the job and route history, which displays job and route status changes rather than user actions.

To open the History panel, click the History button () in the upper right corner of the screen:

The History panel that opens above the map includes:

A History Type drop-down menu for selecting the type of history you want to see: 'Mine' or 'All'. The 'Mine' option filters the panel to show only historical actions performed by the current account (that is, by your account), while the 'All' option shows all changes made by all other users, in addition to yours.
A Search control for filtering the History panel by type (for example 'assigned' or 'created') or by job or route name.
An Icon column showing the type of action that was recorded. These actions include:

- creation of a route

- creation of a job

- assignment of a job to a route

- unassignment of a job from a route

- editing a job or route

- creation of a route card

A Details column, listing the date and time the action was carried out, the name of the account that performed the action, and the type of action. Note that each row reflects all actions performed within a single calendar minute, and therefore might include several different actions if they were performed immediately after one another (if, for example, a job is created and then immediately assigned to a route). Click the name of the route or job that was changed to open the details panel and see their current details.