Private Mode

The Private Mode feature is not available in all accounts, and requires that additional physical hardware be installed in your vehicles. Contact support for more information about activating this feature.

Private mode conceals the geographical locations visited, and therefore routes traveled, by vehicles. This feature requires additional hardware in the vehicle and that a physical switch, typically on or under the dashboard, be installed into the vehicle. Vehicles using this feature also require configuration with custom install type and Hierarchy settings.

When a vehicle uses privacy mode, its location is hidden from the map, the History layer, in dialog boxes, and in reports that normally include location details. When viewing a vehicle's driving history when privacy mode was enabled, it is listed on the map's History tab Gantt chart with a status of "Private Mode". When selected on the chart, only the location, time and date that private mode was activated by the driver is shown.

Map information balloons for the period private mode was activated (shown in blue on the Gantt chart above) include a Status of "Private Mode" and an Address of "Unknown". When privacy mode is later switched off by the driver, a straight line is drawn between the location of the vehicle at the time the mode was enabled and the location of the vehicle when the mode was disabled, as a fitted route. The exact route taken and locations, if any, visited between these points by the vehicle and driver are not available.

If Private Mode is enabled in your account, a "Private Mode" option is added to the map filter, allowing the map and the vehicles list to be filtered to display only vehicles with a status of "Private Mode".

When the vehicle's current status is requested on the Vehicle Details pop-up and the Edit Vehicle dialog box, its geographical location is unavailable:

When viewing the Vehicle Details pop-up, the vehicle's location is not displayed on the mini-map (the map is shown zoomed out to its lowest level, as it is in the Edit Vehicle dialog box) and a status of "Private Mode" is shown:


For vehicles that are in private mode:

The vehicle's location does not center on the map if you select "Show Vehicle" from the Name drop-down menu on the Vehicle Details pop-up.
A fitted vehicle history is not available if you click the Add to History link.
The vehicle's location is not included in any reports for the period of time that the vehicle was in private mode.

Although vehicles using private mode are hidden from reports, histories, and the map, they are listed on the Vehicles list (with a status of "Private Mode"), in the Fleets & Teams screen, and in the Hierarchy.