Fleets & Teams Screen

The Fleets & Teams screen lets you manage explicitly-created fleets and teams.


Choose the Fleets or Teams tab.


Click the buttons in this menu strip to perform tasks on the selected fleet or team. The possible tools available in this list vary depending on your subscriptions. These tools include:

Create and add a new explicitly-defined fleet. Only available on the Fleets tab.

Create and add a new explicitly-defined team. Only available on the Teams tab.

Delete the fleet or team currently selected in the left grid.

Create a new explicitly-defined fleet or team by first making a clone (copy) of the currently selected fleet or team. You can only clone fleets and teams that you own.

Export the selected fleet or team to a spreadsheet.

Assign a tag to every vehicle or driver in the selected fleet or team

Set the asset type of every vehicle in the selected fleet to a single value.

Set the install type of every vehicle in the selected fleet to a single value.

Enable or disable fleet shares configured using the Verizon Connect Share system.



If you have many explicitly-defined fleets or teams, enter a filter string so that the list shows only fleets or teams that contain that string in their name.


Tabs let you work with the currently selected fleet or team:

Details lets you view or set the name of the fleet or team, specify whether the fleet or team is public or private, view the owner, add notes, and access a shared fleet.
Vehicles and Drivers lets you add or remove fleet or team members using a list sorted by vehicle or driver name. This menu item changes to "Vehicles" when the Fleets tab is selected in the left fleets or teams menu, and "Drivers" when the Teams tab is selected.
User Permissions lets you control who can work with the fleet or team.
Role Permissions lets you control which roles can work with the fleet or team.
Share lets you manage the sharing of fleets to other subuser accounts, and to other customer accounts.

The tabs that you can see vary depending on your account permissions.


Click the divider between the two panels and drag to move it to the left or right.


If the list of fleets or teams does not fit on one screen, use the navigation controls to move between pages of the list.


The list shows all the explicitly-defined fleets or teams. Click a fleet or team to select it. By default, this list displays the Name and Members columns, detailing the name of the fleet or team, and the number of vehicles or drivers currently assigned to each fleet and team. If your account includes a subscription to the Verizon Connect Share system, the "Shared" column option is also available from the column picker. If the share icon is displayed in the Share column, this indicates that the fleet has been shared with other subusers or customers. Open the column picker to select the "Owner" column option. This column displays the name of the subuser who created each fleet or team (up to and including the main user), and who therefore "owns" the fleet or team. Note that the Owner column is hidden when you log out or close the screen. To see the column again, you need to select it again from the column picker next time you open the Fleets & Teams screen.