Vehicle Details Pop-up

The Vehicle Details pop-up lets you view information about a vehicle and perform vehicle-related tasks. This pop-up is displayed when you:

Click a static info balloon on the map.
Click a vehicle name on a dynamic info balloon on the map.
Double-click the row for a vehicle in the vehicles list.
Click a vehicle name and location in the Find Nearest Vehicles list.


Name and status of the vehicle are displayed in the title bar.


Tabs. Depending on your version, these might include:

Mini-map: Shows the vehicle location and details.

History: Controls for working with a vehicle history.

Info: Shows photo, overview information, and details about the vehicle.

Notes: Free-form notes to view or edit.

Fleets: A list of fleets the vehicle belongs to.

Tags: Lists tags assigned to the vehicle or its driver.

Hardware: Lists information about the devices installed on the vehicle.


Click the or controls to show or hide sections of the pop-up.


Close and minimize buttons.


Click and drag on the pop-up border to resize it.