Vehicle Fuel Log

The Vehicle Fuel log helps you keep track of fuel purchases for a vehicle. This dialog box opens when you click a vehicle name (such as in the Vehicles list) and select Show Fuel Log.

This dialog box lists all recorded fuel purchases.

To sort by multiple columns click the column headers. The data is sorted first by the data whose column header you last clicked, then by the data in the column you clicked previously.

If your account is configured to import fuel purchase information from WEX fuel card data, or if you do not have permission to edit vehicles, the options to add, edit, or delete fuel purchases are disabled.

To record a fuel purchase:

1.Click Add.
2.Enter the date of the purchase.
3.Enter the marker where the fuel was purchased.
4.Enter the type of fuel purchased.
5.Enter the amount of fuel purchased.
6.Enter the cost of the fuel.
7.Enter the odometer reading at the time of the purchase.
8.Add any comments you want about the fuel purchase.
9.Click Save to add the purchase to the log.

To change the details of a logged purchase:

1.Select the purchase in the Fuel Log.
2.Click Edit.
3.Change details as appropriate.
4.Click Save to save your changes.

If the fuel log contains many entries, you can use the search controls in the upper right corner to filter the list and locate the one you want.

To delete a purchase from the Fuel Log:

1.Select the purchase in the Fuel Log.
2.Click Delete.
3.Click Yes to confirm the deletion.