Legacy Hierarchy Screen

You might see either the legacy Hierarchy screen described below, or the new Hierarchy screen as described here, depending on your account configuration.

The Hierarchy screen is used to manage users, vehicles, and drivers. From the Tasks section of the navigation bar choose Hierarchy to open the Hierarchy screen.

The Hierarchy screen is divided into two main panels: the Hierarchy panel on the left and the Details panel on the right.

The Hierarchy Panel

The Hierarchy panel is on the left of the Hierarchy screen. This panel displays the organization of the hierarchy and lets you quickly locate nodes and edit the structure of the hierarchy. The main portion of the Hierarchy panel shows the hierarchy tree, with the selected node highlighted.

Above the hierarchy tree is the hierarchy toolbar:

The buttons on this toolbar let you make changes to the structure of the hierarchy. Any changes you make using these buttons are not permanent until you save them using the Save button.

Only one user can edit the hierarchy at a time. If you try to make a change to the hierarchy while another user is already making an edit, an error dialog box is displayed.

The Details Panel

The Details panel is located on the right of the Hierarchy screen. You can use this panel to work with the users, vehicles, drivers, and roles that are assigned to nodes in the hierarchy. At the top of this panel is a set of tabs that organize the detail information into categories:

The User, Vehicle, Driver, and Role tabs are used for working with the users, vehicles, drivers, and roles associated with a node. If there are any users, vehicles, drivers, or roles in the system that have not been assigned to hierarchy nodes, the Unassigned Users, Unassigned Vehicles, Unassigned Drivers, or Unassigned Roles tabs are displayed. The tabs provide access to these resources.

If you are using WorkPlan as an ELD (electronic logging device), a Details tab for specifying different ELD carrier details per hierarchy node is displayed. If you are using the hierarchy with the dashboard, a Properties tab for specifying where dashboard reports are sent is displayed. The Search tab lets you locate users, vehicles, drivers, and roles by name or by tag.

When you select a tab at the top of the Details panel, the toolbar immediately below the tab changes to present the appropriate buttons for the set of details you are viewing and the main panel of the panel displays the selected details.

To sort the detailed information click the column headers of the list, or use the toolbar button to make changes to the selected items in the list. Changes that you make using the buttons on the Details panel take effect immediately: you do not need to intentionally save them.