Vehicle Histories

A vehicle history lets you visually review the sequence of reports that one or more vehicles (or assets) sent to the server over a specified day. There are two ways to work with histories:

The Single history screen shows history information as a trail of icons on a history layer that overlays the main map. Controls for working with the history screen are on the history tab of the vehicle details pop-up, which also provides details about each event that contributes to the history.
Multi-histories include all the options of the single history screen, with the addition of a Gantt chart-like history timeline that is displayed as one of the map list views. If your version has this option, the history tab of the vehicle details pop-up does not include controls for specifying the time frame or any animation controls. Instead, the history tab includes date controls for specifying the time frame. You can hover over the history time line on that tab to play back the history.

Some versions of this product only include the option to work with a single history screen. In versions of this product that allow multi-histories, you can use the Map tab of the Settings dialog box to choose which form of histories you want to work with. Histories do not include location details for vehicles in Private Mode.