Verizon Connect® Scenarios™ is an advanced routing interface built on top of the RouteCloud high-speed optimization engine. This interface exposes the advanced functionality of RouteCloud within the Verizon Connect platform using a standard browser-based user interface familiar to users of other Verizon Connect products, such as Verizon Connect® Dispatch™.

When using Scenarios, you configure the required jobs, markers, drivers, and routes, either by importing raw data in JSON or CSV format, or by creating data within the application itself. Scenarios then assembles optimized, legal routes, by assigning your jobs to routes in an optimized order based on the constraints you have specified, and subsequently assigns your jobs to the most appropriate drivers.

Scenarios can be used to efficiently re-sequence routes if new jobs are required on a route, or if jobs are removed from a route. You can also manually edit the order of jobs in a given route by dragging a job to a new position within a jobs list, manually assign a job to a route by dragging a job to a route, or automatically assign selected jobs to the best route as determined by the RouteCloud optimizer.

This help guide contains detailed descriptions of the core tasks you can perform in Scenarios, such as:

Configuring the user interface and using the job and route filter.
Sharing your scenarios with others.
Creating and importing drivers, vehicles, markers, jobs, recurring jobs, and routes.
Defining soft territories, which are preferred areas, for drivers.
Specifying which drivers not to use for particular jobs and creating jobs from recurring jobs.
Building, re-sequencing and optimizing routes, and assigning jobs to routes manually or automatically.
Exporting route summary data.