Creating and Managing Jobs

Jobs are the stops you schedule your vehicles to make on a route, at a marker location. These jobs can be deliveries, stops where your drivers perform tasks, locations where your vehicles make scheduled pick-ups of goods, and so on. Each job can be configured with its own name, location, delivery date and time windows, time on site, driver, load, and attributes.

Job-related topics in this section:

Creating Jobs - Adding new jobs to a scenario.
Creating Jobs Using the Forecasting Tool - Generating jobs that are similar to your current jobs for forecasting.
Editing Jobs - Editing the details of jobs you created previously.
Deleting Jobs - Removing jobs from a scenario.
Locating Jobs on the Map - Locate jobs in the List or Routes panels on the map.
Importing and Exporting Jobs - Exporting a file that lists all jobs in a scenario, and importing jobs from a file.
Forbidding Drivers From Jobs - Specifying drivers that are forbidden from completing a job.
Assigning Jobs to Routes - Assigning a new or unassigned job to a route.
Unassigning Jobs From Routes - Removing a job from a route in order to add the job to a different route, or so the route can be deleted.
Assigning Jobs to Route Drivers - Setting the preferred driver of jobs on a route to the current driver of the route.