Sharing Scenarios

You can share your scenario with a third party, if you want others to see the scenario and comment on it, or to edit it directly. Anyone viewing the shared file must have a valid account and authenticate with a username and password before they can view or use the file.

If the shared file is edited by the person or people you share it with, the details of these edits are not logged. For this reason, we recommend that you share only copies of scenario files so you can compare your original file with the edited file. If the third party edits a file while you are both simultaneously viewing the file, you can see the edits the other user makes in near real time and revert them using the Undo and Redo buttons.

Users sharing the file cannot see the file in their Home screen and therefore cannot edit the file or delete it, but they can create a copy of the file (using the Save As option).

To share your scenario:


1.Open a scenario from the Home screen.
2.Click the Share button located in the upper right corner of the screen. A sharing dialog opens, containing a link address.

3.Copy the address and supply it to the third party.

When the third party opens the link, the user is taken to a standalone Scenarios interface sign-in page (that is, not within the main Verizon Connect platform system) and asked to provide valid credentials. This then opens the standard Scenarios user interface directly, bypassing the Home screen. The validity of the shared link does not have an expiration date and can only be revoked by deleting the original file.