Building Routes

When you have created your routes, recurring jobs, jobs, drivers, vehicles, and markers, you can use Scenarios to build optimized turn-by-turn routes for you, assigning the best jobs to the routes you have provided, based on the constraints you have defined.

You have the following three options for building routes:


Build scenario - Builds your entire scenario by rebuilding existing routes, if there are any, and creating new routes for drivers that are available based on their shift patterns.
Build more routes - Builds only new routes for drivers that are available based on their shift patterns, leaving existing routes unchanged. This option requires you to define shift patterns for your drivers.
Rebuild existing - Rebuilds only the existing routes, ignoring any new routes that could be created for available drivers.

To build all or some routes:


1.Click Build Routes in the upper right corner of the screen.
2.Click on the appropriate button to build the entire scenario or some of the routes. Building routes can take several minutes.

3.When the routes have been built, a Build Summary is displayed.

4.(Optional) If there are unassigned jobs, you can click on the "[x] unassigned jobs" link to view reasons why the jobs could not be assigned. Click on the Expand button to expand the list of reasons.