Creating Jobs from Recurring Jobs

Your recurring jobs describe the requirements of a recurring job needed by a single customer as a theoretical template, but until you create jobs from the recurring job, these jobs do not exist and cannot be routed. During the job creation process the required number of actual jobs is created on the days that meet the constraints of the recurring job.

Once these jobs have been created, they can be assigned to routes in an order that meets the demands and constraints of the routes, and its drivers and vehicles.

To create a job from a recurring job:


1.Open the list menu in the upper left corner of the List panel and select the Recurring Jobs option. The Recurring Jobs list opens.

2.Locate the recurring job you want to instantiate in the Recurring Jobs panel and click the recurring job row with your mouse. Click the Create Jobs button on the Recurring Jobs panel tool bar. The Generate Recurring Jobs dialog box opens.

3.Click the start date of the job creation period on the calendar. Jobs are created for the recurring job from this date. The current date is shown in gray on the calendar.

4.Click the end date of the job creation period on the calendar. Click the left or right arrows to the left and right of the current month selection to move ahead or back one month at a time, or click the date range to open a calendar tool to jump to different months or years. Jobs are created for the recurring job only up to the date you select. The date range you choose, and number of days within it, is shown above the date picker. The days within the selected date range are shown on the calendar with a pale blue background.

5.Click Create Jobs, then click Close.The jobs required to meet the recurring job's delivery requirements are created, and shown on the Jobs list. Jobs that are generated use the naming convention '[Recurring Job ID] [Number]'; for example, our '1975' recurring job has an ID of '1975', and the optimizer created six jobs when the recurring job was instantiated. These jobs are called '1975 [87]' through '1975 [92]' in the following screenshot: