What's New

Welcome to the What's New page.

This topic lists information about previous releases of Verizon Connect® Scenarios™ and what has been improved in each version.

The current release is 1948 (November 2019). Information regarding this release can be found below.

November 2019

New Features and Enhancements

Added support for granting and revoking sharing permissions to scenario files.
Added a setting for defining the retention period for a scenario.
Added support for displaying the jobs that cannot be assigned to a route, before building the route. The list is displayed in the Build Routes dialog box.
Added support for selecting multiple jobs on the Gantt Chart using "Shift" + click.
Updated Scenarios to pull drivers and vehicles into synchronized scenarios even if their base markers are outside the current territory. The drivers or vehicles must be referenced from a job, recurring job, or route.

October 2019

New Features and Enhancements

Added support for showing a list of reasons why jobs could not be assigned to routes in the "Build Summary" dialog box when building routes.
Added support for displaying depots on the map using a toggle button.
Added a forecasting tool to the Jobs list that allows you to generate a large number of jobs that are similar to existing jobs.
Added the columns "ID", "Code", and "Location" to the "Job Order" list.
Changed the behavior for assigning drivers to vehicles to use the new "Preferred Vehicle" setting in the Driver dialog box in the Verizon Connect platform rather than the vehicle that is assigned to the driver in the platform.
Improved the usability of adding shift patterns to the "Driver" dialog box.
Changed the term "Centroid" to "Soft Territory" in the user interface.

Bug Fixes / Technical Release Notes

Corrected an issue where the list of shift patterns was not updated when a shift pattern was deleted.
Fixed a problem with sorting the violations in the "Markers" list.
Fixed an issue that caused the load on a job to be automatically shown on a linked job as well.
Fixed the display of empty loads on a job.
Corrected the display of load violations to occur at the correct job location.
Corrected a fault where bulk marker edits changed only every second marker.
Fixed the "is_depot" setting on new markers to be set correctly.

September 2019

New Features and Enhancements

Added a Gantt chart to the "Routes" list. It displays all jobs and breaks on a route, and allows you to drag jobs to a new position within a route or to another route.
Added the setting "Balance Workload" to the Advanced Scenario Settings. When set, jobs are distributed evenly across drivers.
Added support for importing a markers list that contains only marker ID and name.
Added a "Filter Jobs" option to the "Routes" list. This option filters the "Jobs" list to contain only those jobs that can be assigned to the selected routes.
Added a "Filter Routes" option to the "Jobs" list. This option filters the "Routes" list to contain only those routes that the selected job can be assigned to.
Added warning messages to the tool tip that is displayed when you drag and drop jobs onto a route. The warning messages explain what violations would occur if you assigned the job to the route.
Added two violations for jobs that require greater loads than the vehicle's capacity. One violation is displayed on the route, stating that the cumulative load is over the vehicle's capacity. The other violation is displayed on the job that causes the load to exceed the vehicle's capacity, and on each subsequent job.
Modified the fields for adding tags to allow you to select existing tags when you are working with a detached scenario.
Made improvements to the "Geocode Locations" dialog box.