The Settings dialog box is used to configure many areas of the fleet management software to meet your individual requirements. To open the Settings dialog box, click your account name in the upper right corner of the screen, then click Settings:

Many subscriptions include only a small subset of the options described in this section. Some subscriptions might also include additional pages such as "Jobs & Routes" and "Maintenance". These are used for features included as part of other products such as Maintenance Connect, Verizon Connect® Response™, Verizon Connect® Dispatch™, and Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™. See the separate help systems provided for these products for more information.

 The Settings dialog box contains several tabs and pages, drawn from the following:

User: Settings for configuring your login and contact information.
Customer: Settings for configuring your account to work with external keys that map to your account, and for specifying vehicle status change thresholds.
ELD: Settings for configuring the default carrier details that were used when registering with the FMCSA, if you are using WorkPlan as an ELD (electronic logging device).
Vehicles: Settings for configuring how information about vehicles is presented.
Speeding: Settings for configuring how vehicle speeds are treated for different street categories.
Map: Settings for configuring how information is presented in the map.
Markers: Settings for default values when you create markers.
Units: Settings for the types of units to use when displaying measurements, including the default speed unit (miles per hour and kilometers per hour).
Reports: Settings for configuring reports.
New User Defaults: Settings for rights given to new users by default.
Mobile Defaults: Settings for Mobile user accounts.
Routing Defaults: Settings for routing behavior and vehicle specifications.
Unassigned Miles: Settings for the default display of unassigned miles.
InSight Alerts: Settings for diagnostic conditions for InSight Alerts.
Password Policy: Settings that specify the company password policy, including maximum/minimum password length, complexity rules, and days until expiration.

If you make any changes in the Settings dialog box without immediately saving, an asterisk * is displayed next to the title of the dialog box, indicating that you have unsaved changes.