Reports Settings

The Reports page of the Settings dialog box lets you specify how reports are generated.

Default Report Format:

Specify the output format that is selected by default when you define a new built-in report.

Spreadsheet Report Layout:

For reports that are output to spreadsheet format, indicate whether reports should use tabbed pages or if the entire report is put in a single large page.

Vehicles Without History:

Select the Include in Reports check box if you want vehicles to be included in reports by default, even if there is no relevant changes for the vehicle during the report period. When the Include in Reports check box is selected, reports include an event every 24 hours for vehicles that are not moving. By including these extra points, your report verifies that the unit in the vehicle is still reporting.

Default Fuel Usage:

Specify the rate at which fuel is consumed when idling, using the units specified on the Units tab. This value is used in some reports to estimate the cost of time spent idling.