Vehicles Settings

The Vehicles page of the Settings dialog box lets you specify how information about vehicles is treated. The settings in the Company-wide settings section affect all users of your account, while the other settings affect only your user login.

Default Fleet:

Select a fleet from the drop-down to indicate which fleet of vehicles should be displayed in the home page. This change does not take effect until you sign out then sign in again.

Company-wide Settings:

The Company-wide settings affect all users of your account:

Show Working Icon: Indicate if vehicles can show the Working icon when they are not moving but a productive input such as PTO, Boom, Bed, or Pony, is on.
Gas Vehicle Not Working When Idle: Indicate if the Working icon should be used with vehicles that have a fuel type of gasoline.
Status colors: To change the color that is used to indicate various vehicle status values, click the colored box next to a status and select a new color. Changes do not take effect until you close the map then reopen it. You can use the Restore Default button to return to the default settings.

Vehicles That Need Service:

Indicate if the icon for vehicles needing maintenance alternates with the wrench icon. This option is not included in all versions of this software.

Vehicle Time Zone:

Indicate if the time zone assigned to the vehicle is used to report events in histories as well as in the list of the dashboard.

Vehicle Input Units:

Indicate if the vehicles list includes the units in the column that shows input readings.