Customer Settings

The Customer page of the Settings dialog box lets the main user of an account specify company-wide thresholds for vehicle status changes, route naming conventions, and identify external FleetCor key fields that map to your account.

External Keys:

Specify the FleetCor customer ID that should be mapped to the current user account. Each FleetCor customer ID is a billing account id that you are using. In the External Keys box, start typing the value. As you type, a list box pops up with FleetCor customer IDs that match the string you are typing. Select your ID from the list.

Idle Status Threshold:

Specify the minimum time a vehicle should report no movement before it is considered to be idling or stopped. To reliably detect stops, this should be at least twice the vehicle report interval, so that a vehicle always sends at least two reports that indicate the same location.

Moving Status Threshold:

Specify how much the location of the vehicle must change before the system recognizes that it has moved. This value compensates for minor "drift" in the GPS signal.

Display Idle Vehicles as No Signal After:

Specify the duration after which a stopped or idling vehicle is re-classified as having failed to report a valid GPS signal. See No Signal.

Non-Reporting Unit Threshold

Shows the number of days that must pass without a vehicle reporting its status before the vehicle is regarded as being a Non-Reporting Unit or "NRU". This field is read-only, and defaults to 7 days. Contact Verizon Connect support if the default value needs to be adjusted. See also the Unit Health Report.