Speeding Settings

The Speeding page of the Settings dialog box lets you specify how vehicle speeds are treated. The settings in the Company-wide settings section affect all users of your account, while the other settings affect only your user login.

Speeding Points:

Specify if reports and histories should include events that indicate when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit.

Speeding Threshold:

Specify a speeding threshold to allow vehicles to exceed the posted speed limit by a small percentage before they are reported as speeding. This setting is only used if Show is selected under Speeding Points.

Marker Speed Limit:

Specify if you want speed limits inside zone markers to be used when reporting speed limits in histories and reports. When the Use if set check box is selected, speed is checked first against the posted speed (if available), then against the marker speed if the vehicle is inside the boundaries of a marker. Otherwise, the speed limits set for road category on this page are used.

Maximum Vehicle Speed:

Specify the maximum speed of vehicles in your fleet. Defaults to 99MPH (159KPH). Speeds reported above this value will not be recorded or included in vehicle reports. Typically, this value should be increased only if you anticipate that vehicles might operate at unusually high speeds: for example, for law enforcement purposes.