Units Settings

The Units page of the Settings dialog box lets you configure how measurements are presented to you.


Indicate whether you want to see distances represented in Miles and feet, or Kilometers and meters. This setting is also used to specify the default speed unit that the account will use (either miles per hour or kilometers per hour).

Wet Volume:

Indicate whether you want to see wet volumes represented in Gallons (US or Imperial/UK) or Liters.

Dry Volume:

Indicate whether you want to see dry volumes represented in Cubic Meters, Cubic Feet, or Cubic Yards.


Indicate whether you want to use weights measures in Kilograms, Pounds, or Tons (Metric, Imperial, or Short).


Indicate how you want temperature values displayed.


Indicate how you want atmospheric pressure values displayed.


Indicate the units to use when representing acceleration values.

Fuel Efficiency:

Indicate how you want vehicle fuel efficiency to be represented: Miles per US Gallon (3.785 Liters or 231 cubic inches), Miles per Imperial Gallon (4.54609 Liters or 277.42 cubic inches), Kilometers per Liter, or Liters per 100 Kilometers.