HOS Status Screen

The HOS Status screen displays your current status, lets you switch between status codes, and shows time remaining before HOS limits are exceeded. This screen appears when you first tap the HOS button from the Home screen, or when you tap the HOS Status screen button in the title bar from the HOS Chart or Event List screens.

The HOS Status screen can contain the following elements (depending on how your account is configured):

At the top of the screen, you can see the currently active WorkPlan user. If you are using the co-driver option, this user might not be the current driver.
Underneath your user name is your assigned HOS rule set (for example Federal 60, Texas 70).
The countdown timers indicate the time remaining before exceeding HOS limits for the day and the week. The indicators display in red when there has been a violation and no time is remaining.
Use the button to the right side of the countdown timers to view more detailed HOS status information.
The main body of the screen lists the various HOS status codes. Your current status is highlighted in blue, and any status codes that you cannot select are shaded light gray. To change your current status, tap the button corresponding to your appropriate status.
Underneath the status codes your currently assigned vehicles and the current driver name is shown. If you are using the co-driver option, this driver might not be the same as the currently active WorkPlan user.
Use the co-driver button to open the Manage Users screen where you can change the current driver (Switching Driver) and change the current user (Switching User).
Use the Actions button to perform one of the following actions:
oGo to the Review Events screen to claim unidentified events or review carrier edits (tap Review).
oEnter Kiosk mode to set a fixed event location

The settings that are available in the Actions menu depend on how your account is configured.

The malfunctions and diagnostics indicators show whether there are any connectivity issues or diagnostic information. The icons are colored if there are any issues. Tap the icons to go to the Indicators screen, where you can get information on current malfunctions or diagnostic issues.