Home Screen

The Home screen is a starting point for all WorkPlan activities. From the Home screen, you can choose:

Coach - Launch Verizon Connect® Coach™, an application that allows you to view your scorecard and your organization's driver leaderboard, and access training videos.
Jobs - Pick a job from your to-do list, see a list of completed jobs, or create a new job.
Status - Set your status as you work through a custom work flow.
Forms - Pick a form that is not associated with any jobs to fill out and submit.
DVIR - View a previous inspection report or submit an inspection report that has not launched automatically.
HOS - Set your HOS (Hours of Service) status, check for HOS warnings and violations, and view the HOS chart.
Vehicle - Manually assign yourself to a vehicle, unassign yourself from your current vehicle, or switch your assignment to a different vehicle.
Trailers - Manually add or remove trailers so that you can complete separate DVIR forms for each trailer.
Navigation - Launch Verizon Connect® Navigation™, a mapping application that provides support for navigation and routing, points of interest, geocoding, and other features.

Your version of this screen might include only a subset of these possible screens, depending on how the device has been configured by your manager.

At the bottom of the Home screen you can see:


Your account name and assigned vehicle (or 'No Vehicle').
Display the Settings screen, where you can synchronize data, view your vehicle and driver details, change general settings, view the help, or check version information for this application.
Send text messages between the mobile application and the back office.
Sign out of the application, or switch driver or WorkPlan user. (If your account has the co-driver functionality enabled.)
Sign out of the application. (If your account does not have the co-driver functionality enabled.)