Reviewing Carrier Edits

If your supervisor, or another carrier staff member, has made changes to your hours of service log, you can review these changes on the Carrier Edits screen for a period of 5 weeks:

The Carrier Edits screen shows each change with the following details:

The status of the event that was changed. If the status was changed, the old status is displayed.
The location where the event was recorded.
The day, date, and time when the event was recorded. If the time was changed, the new time is displayed.
The vehicle for which the event was recorded.
The changes that were made displayed as the old value with a strike-through, an arrow, and the new value. For example: If a new event was added, "Event Added" is displayed.
The comment added by the editor, in the format "[Comment]".

You can access this screen from the Review Events screen, which is shown:

Automatically, when you sign in or out, or when you certify your logs.
When you tap Actions in the lower part of the HOS Status screen, and then tap Review.

The red indicator shows the number of events and daily logs that have not yet been reviewed.

To accept or reject changes that carrier staff members have made to your hours of service logs:

1.Go to the Review Events screen (automatically or from the Actions menu on the HOS Status screen).
2.Tap Carrier Edits. This option is available only if there are carrier edits.

3.If you want to accept or reject all changes, tap Accept All or Reject All. If you want to accept or reject certain changes, select the check box next to the event, and then tap Accept Selected or Reject Selected.