Using WorkPlan as an ELD or AOBRD

Hours of Service within WorkPlan can be used either as an electronic logging device (ELD) to help with ELD compliance or as an automatic on-board reporting device (AOBRD).

To be compliant with the ELD regulations, you must use WorkPlan version 4.0 or later with Hours of Service version 3.2 or later, and your vehicle must have the appropriate hardware unit installed. You must also follow the guidelines and steps described below in the correct order.

If your vehicle does not have the appropriate hardware unit installed, the Hours of Service app automatically uses the AOBRD mode, which has less strict regulations and uses GPS to determine driving times.

Using WorkPlan as an ELD

Hardware Installation

When using WorkPlan as an ELD, a supported hardware unit must be installed in your vehicle. Follow the instructions in the corresponding hardware installation guide, unless the hardware has already been installed for you.

After the installation, your Verizon Connect representative will configure your account appropriately, so that your mobile device, running WorkPlan, will automatically connect to the vehicle unit when you turn the vehicle on and sign in to WorkPlan.

Important Notes

Always leave the screen on your device on, so that you can see the hours of service status screen and any malfunctions or diagnostic events at all times.
Follow the steps under Starting Your Vehicle and Signing In in the order specified, to ensure that all relevant ELD events are captured correctly.
You must be signed in to WorkPlan to capture and report hours of service information.
You must sign out of WorkPlan at the end of the day or shift. This prevents reporting errors and maintains privacy.
Co-drivers must not use their own device. They must sign in to the same device as the main driver.
If you are experiencing any malfunctions or diagnostic issues, you must follow the steps described under Troubleshooting Malfunctions and Diagnostic Issues.

Starting Your Vehicle and Signing In

Follow these steps before you start driving:

1.Get into your vehicle.
2.Turn on the vehicle's engine.
3.Turn on your mobile device.
4.Start WorkPlan and sign in. (Do not yet select your vehicle from the list.)
5.Select your vehicle from the vehicles list in WorkPlan. (You might need to refresh the vehicles list if your vehicle is not displayed.)
6.Complete any forms you might need to fill out in WorkPlan.
7.If you have got a co-driver, he or she must also sign in to WorkPlan.
8.Open Hours of Service from the WorkPlan home screen, so that you can see your HOS timers and diagnostics. Ensure that the screen remains on.
9.Start driving.

Stopping Your Vehicle and Signing Out

Follow these steps after you have stopped driving:

1.Stop your vehicle.
2.Turn off your vehicle's engine.
3.Change your HOS status to Off Duty.
4.Sign out of WorkPlan and complete any forms you might need to fill out.
5.If you have a co-driver, he or she must also sign out of WorkPlan.
6.When you have signed out of WorkPlan you should see the Sign In screen:

7.Close WorkPlan.

Additional Information

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