Claiming Unidentified Events


This feature is applicable only if you are using WorkPlan as an ELD, not if you are using it as an AOBRD.

If your vehicle has recorded any HOS events that are not assigned to a driver, the Unidentified Driving screen is displayed (after signing in or out, or before certifying your HOS logs):

The Suggested Events tab shows events that have a high chance of being your events, because you do not yet have events recorded for the time periods covered by the listed events.

The All Events tab shows all events that are recorded for this vehicle and that do not have an assigned driver. This list also includes events for which the times overlap with the times for other events assigned to you.

Unidentified driving events on both of these tabs display for 5 weeks.

Select the HOS events that belong to you and claim them. It is important that all driving time is accounted for and assigned to the driver responsible. Additional events, such as Engine Power Up and Engine Power Down, are also the responsibility of the driver and should be claimed.

Any unclaimed events remain in the list and are displayed to the next user of the ELD or can be proposed to another driver by your carrier.

You can access the Unidentified Driving screen at any time. To do this:

1.Go to the HOS Status screen.
2.Tap Actions in the lower part of the screen.
3.Tap Review.

The red indicator shows the number of events and daily logs that have not yet been reviewed.
4.Tap Unidentified Driving. This option is available only if there are unidentified driving events.