Setting a Fixed Event Location

The Kiosk Mode feature is available only if running Hours of Service standalone within a browser (not from within WorkPlan).

If you are using Hours of Service in a fixed location, for example at a kiosk, and you want to set the HOS event location to a fixed address, you can do this by using the Kiosk Settings. Using this feature ensures that any HOS events that occur have the same event location and you don't need to enter the location manually if your GPS connection is down.

To set your event location:

1.Ensure you are on the HOS Status screen.
2.Tap Actions in the lower part of the screen.


3.Tap Kiosk Settings to open the Kiosk Settings screen.

4.Add the address details for the location and tap Search. The GPS coordinates for the location are displayed.

5.Tap Done.

If you would like to remove the event location, open the Kiosk Settings and tap Clear. Either enter a new location and tap Done, or just tap Done to no longer use a fixed location.