Signing in and Out

Signing In

To sign in to your account:

1.Enter your username (an email address, or a combination of account and username in the format "account:username") into the Username field.
2.Enter the password into the Password field.

3.Select Remember Me if you want your username to be added automatically in the future. Do not select this check box if security is a concern. See also the automatic recovery section below to prevent accidental access by unauthorized users.
4.Read through the application's Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy. These are available using the links that appear at the bottom of the screen. By signing in, you agree to be bound to these terms and policy.
5.Tap Sign In.
6.If you see a list of vehicles, select the vehicle you will be driving in this shift. If you do not have a vehicle assigned to you yet, select No Vehicle from the top of the list.



By default, you need to identify your vehicle every time you sign in. Your manager can configure your account such that the vehicles list appears only once following the initial sign-in. On subsequent sign-ins, WorkPlan assumes that you are using the same vehicle.

7.If your account is configured to include an inspection report on start-up, you next see a pre-trip DVIR form. Fill out the form, sign it, and submit it.
8.If you have just selected a new vehicle and your account supports Hours of Service (HOS), you next see the Shipment Information screen. This screen displays information about your shipment and vehicle.

9.Optionally, change any of the settings on the screen and then tap Done.
10.(Hours of Service users only) If you are eligible for any exemptions, you will see the Exemptions screen. On this screen you can enable or disable the exemptions that you are eligible for.
11.(Hours of Service users only) If your vehicle has recorded any HOS events that are not assigned to a driver, or if your supervisor has made any changes to your HOS logs, the Review Events screen displays. See Claiming Unidentified Events and Reviewing Carrier Edits for more information.
12.(Hours of Service users only) If you have any uncertified logs, the Review Days screen displays. This screen lists any uncertified HOS logs. Tap the date for the log you want to certify.
13.When you have completed all of the preceding steps, you see the Home screen.
14.If your organization uses the trailer functionality, you can add the trailers that you are using in this work shift so that you can create separate Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) for your tractor and each trailer. If you have added trailers and your account is configured to use pre-trip DVIRs, the DVIR screen will open, from where you can select each trailer and complete each inspection report.

Unable to Sign In

If you are unable to sign in, one of the following reasons could cause this:

You might be using incorrect credentials. Check that you are using either an email address or the account and username in the format 'account:username'.
You might have mistyped your credentials. Check your username and type your password in again. Ensure that you do not have 'Caps Lock' on and that there are no trailing spaces.
You might have access restrictions applied to your account. An administrator can configure a user access window within the Verizon Connect platform, which limits the days and times that you are able to sign in to the WorkPlan app. If you sign in outside of the user access window you see a message stating 'We can't log you in because of your login restrictions.', along with information about whether you are scheduled to work that day, when your shift will start or when it has ended.

Signing Out

If you have trailer functionality:

Before you sign out, you must remove all trailers that you added at the beginning of your work shift. If you have one or more co-drivers, only the last remaining driver needs to remove the trailers.

If you have co-driver functionality:

To sign out of WorkPlan if you are the active WorkPlan user:

1.Tap the User button in the lower right corner of the Home screen.
2.Tap Log Out.

To sign another co-driver out of WorkPlan see Signing Out a Co-Driver.

If you do not have co-driver functionality:

To sign out of WorkPlan, tap the Log Out button in the lower right corner of the Home screen.

Automatic Recovery


If WorkPlan stops unexpectedly for any reason - for example, if your mobile device closes the application while it is running in the background to free system resources - WorkPlan automatically resumes to the Home screen when subsequently reopened.


Under these circumstances (the application closing without the user first signing out) you are not prompted to re-enter your username or password, and the application restores itself to the last known user state: user account, chosen vehicle, Hours of Service status and other settings. For this reason, it is important that when you have finished using the application you sign out from the WorkPlan Home screen by tapping the User button in the lower right corner of the screen and selecting Log Out (or by tapping the Log Out button if you are not using the co-driver functionality).