Inspection Reports

Driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) are special forms that you can fill out and submit when you first go on duty, when you go off duty, or both. Depending on how your manager has configured your account, the DVIR might appear automatically when you sign in, out, or both. Alternatively, you can use the DVIR screen to manually launch the DVIR. Pre-trip DVIRs are for when you go on duty and post-trip DVIRs are for when you go off duty.

The DVIR screen appears when you tap the DVIR button on the Home screen:

The DVIR screen has two sections:

New On Demand DVIR - This section lets you launch a DVIR form to fill out, sign, and submit. You might have separate pre-trip DVIR and post-trip DVIR forms, or general DVIR forms. If the vehicle you are assigned to has multiple DVIR forms associated with it, you might see several DVIR forms listed here.
Previous DVIR Submissions - This section lists some of the most recently submitted inspection reports. It indicates when each report was submitted and displays the name of the form. Your manager can configure the maximum number of reports that appear on this screen. To view a previously-submitted report, tap the row for that report. The inspection form appears in read-only mode, so that you can see what responses you submitted at that time.

Default Inspection Report

A default DVIR (shown below) is available for all accounts using inspection reports. However, your administrator might replace this with a form that is more specific to your organization.

On the default form, the odometer reading is pre-filled automatically, based on stored vehicle information. You may, however, correct this, if the stored value is slightly off.

If your device does not have an active internet connection while completing a DVIR, an alert advises that the vehicle odometer reading for the report might be incorrect.

In the list of inspection items, the option Passed is selected by default. If the inspection item does not pass, click on the arrow to the right of the item and select a different option.

In the lower part of the form, add your signature and then tap Submit.

DVIRs When Using Trailers

If your organization uses the trailer functionality, you can add trailers to your selected vehicle and then complete separate DVIRs for your tractor (or vehicle) and for each of your trailers. In this case, you need to select your vehicle or trailer when launching the DVIR screen:

DVIR forms for trailers work in the same way as for vehicles.