Common Tasks

The following topics describe common tasks that you are likely to perform on a regular basis:

Creating a New Scenario - Create a new scenario and choose which type of scenario you want to create.
Working with a Synced Scenario - Synchronize your scenario with the Verizon Connect platform and learn how synced and detached scenarios differ.
Detaching a Synced Scenario - Change your synced scenario into a detached scenario.
Specifying List Columns - Select which columns of information appear in lists.
Sorting Lists - Sort lists of information in ascending or descending order.
Filtering Lists - Filter lists based on various filter criteria.
Filtering Jobs and Routes - Filter jobs that can be assigned to a selected route, and filter routes to which a selected job can be assigned.
Grouping Jobs and Routes - Group jobs and routes by their driver or date.
Sharing Scenarios - Share your scenario with a third party.
Undoing and Redoing Tasks - Revert changes made in your scenario during the current session, and reinstate these changes.
Configuring Scenario Settings - Specify routing strategies, driver shifts, and other settings that apply to the entire scenario.
Creating Shifts - Add new shifts to your scenario.
Creating Shift Patterns - Add new shift patterns that define how shifts are arranged into patterns.
Viewing Violations - Open the Violations panel to view a list of violations on your jobs or routes.