Vehicle Details Dialog

The Vehicle Details dialog box helps you keep track of all aspects of a single vehicle (or asset). This dialog box opens when you click a vehicle name (such as in the Vehicles list) and select Edit Vehicle.

This dialog box divides vehicle information into several pages. Click the page name to open the page. The pages are:

Overview - Identifying information about the vehicle and its assigned driver and home base.
Routing Settings - Information about the default routing behavior and physical dimensions of the vehicle.
Details - Information about the operation of the vehicle, such as odometer reading and fuel usage.
Notes - An area for free-form notes about the vehicle.
Hardware - Details about the unit installed in the vehicle or asset.
Fleets - A list of the fleets that the vehicle is a member of.
Tags - A list of the tags assigned to the vehicle.
Capacity Limits - Details about the mid-route return to depot settings and the capacity limits for the vehicle.