Capacity Limits Page

The Capacity Limits page lets you view and edit the following information:

Override Territory Defaults:

Select the check box to override territory defaults for the mid-route return to depot functionality, as set in Verizon Connect® Dispatch™. You can then enter a value in the Time On Site field.

Clear the check box to honor the territory default. The territory default is displayed under the Time On Site field.

Time On Site:

This field is enabled only if the Override Territory Defaults check box is selected. This value specifies the length of time that the vehicle spends at depots during a mid-route return stop. Enter a value between 30 seconds and 12 hours in the format "2h 10m 30s". See Using the Mid-Route Return to Depot Feature for information on how territory defaults are set.

Capacity Limits:

Add, edit, or delete capacity limits for the selected vehicle. See Managing Vehicle Loads for information on how to add a capacity limit for the selected vehicle.