Capacity Limits Page

The Capacity Limits page lets you view and edit the following information:

Override Territory Defaults:

Select the check box to override territory defaults as set in Verizon Connect® Dispatch™. You can then enter a value in the Return to Depot Time On Site field.

Clear the check box to honor the territory default. The territory default is displayed under the Return to Depot Time On Site field.

Return to Depot Time On Site:

This field is enabled only if the Override Territory Defaults check box is selected. This value specifies the length of time that the vehicle spends at depots during a return stop. Enter a value between 30 seconds and 12 hours in the format "2h 10m 30s". See Using the Return to Depot Feature for information on how territory defaults are set.

Capacity Limits:

Add, edit, or delete capacity limits for the selected vehicle. See Managing Vehicle Loads for information on how to add a capacity limit for the selected vehicle.