Fleets Page

The Fleets page lists all the fleets that the vehicle belongs to. A fleet badge represents each fleet the vehicle is assigned to. The first fleets in the list are hierarchy fleets. Hierarchy fleets cannot be added to or deleted from using this dialog box, and must be changed by editing the hierarchy. After the hierarchy fleets the explicitly-defined fleets that the vehicle belongs to are listed.

To add the vehicle to another explicitly-defined fleet, click in the Click to add Fleet space and enter part of the fleet name. As you type, a drop-down list opens, listing the fleet names that match your entered text. Select a fleet from the list. The fleet badge is displayed on the Fleets page.
To remove the vehicle from an explicitly-defined fleet, click the "X" on the fleet badge.

You can only use this page to change membership in fleets that are not associated with hierarchy nodes.