Mini-Map Tab

The Mini-Map tab lets you view and edit the job definition.


The name of the job.


Click the eye button to center the main map on the job location.


Zoom controls for the mini-map.


Icon showing the location and status of the job (based on color).


Details section (can be collapsed). The following information is available:

Name: The name of the job. Click the link for a menu that lets you assign (dispatch) or unassign the job, or to locate nearby vehicles.
Territory: The territory to which the job belongs.
Route: The route this job has been assigned to. Click the route name to view or edit the route, display all jobs on the route, or to view the the route's history.
Location: The address or marker where the job is located. Click on the link to locate nearby vehicles.
Driver: The driver assigned to the job. (This value cannot be edited from the popup — to change the driver, use the name link to unassign the job and then dispatch it to a new driver.
Status: The job status. Possible values are:
oUnassigned - the job has not been assigned to a driver
oAssigned - the job has been assigned to a driver
oEn route - the driver has completed the previous job and depart ed but has not arrived at this job
oOn site - the driver is currently at the job site.
oCompleted - the job is completed.
Type: The job type.
Priority: The job priority.
Code: The job code.
Description: A short description of the job.
Auditing: Click Show Job History to show the history of the job.
Planned: The date and time when the job was scheduled to occur.
ETA or Actual: If the job is not yet completed,  ETA gives the best estimate for when the driver will actually arrive at the job. If the job was completed, Actual gives the date and time when the job was actually performed.


If the job is not yet completed, you can click the Edit button to edit the job details. This changes the Details section so that it has the same controls as appear in the Add Job dialog.


Click the Dispatch button to dispatch it to a driver.