Route Jobs Tab

The Route Jobs tab lets you see, at a glance, what jobs are currently assigned to a route.

This tab displays the following columns:

Status - The status of each job on the route.
Name - The name of each job. Click on this link to display a menu of options, including:
oShow Job - Display the Job Details popup for the job, where you can examine job details or edit the job.
oShow Job History - Display the Job history popup for the job, where you can see a brief history of its status changes.
oFind Nearest Vehicles - Locate vehicles that are close to the job site right now.
oUnassign Job - If the job is currently assigned, you can undo the assignment, after which you can reassign the job to another driver or delete the job.
Address - The address or marker where the job is located. Click on the link to locate nearby vehicles.
Planned Arrival Time - The date and time when the driver is scheduled to arrive for the job.
Planned Departure - The date and time when the driver is scheduled to depart after completing the job.
ETA - The estimated time that the driver will arrive at the job. An early arrival is shown with green text indicating how early the arrival is estimated to be, while a late arrival is shown with red text indicating how late the arrival is expected to be. 'On time' arrival is shown when the estimated arrival time is within five minutes either side of the planned arrival time (within a ten minute window). This column is only available if your account includes an ETA subscription.
Estimated Arrival Variance - If an ETA exists for this job, this column will display the time difference between the Planned Arrival Time and the ETA. If the vehicle is late, the text will be shown in red, and with the text 'late' (for example '25m late'). If the vehicle is early, the text will be shown in green and with the text 'early' (for example '10m early)'. If the vehicle is on time, '0m' will be displayed.
Estimated Time to Arrival - If an ETA (estimated time of arrival) exists for the job, this column will display the estimated time remaining until the vehicle arrives at the job location.
Actual Arrival - The actual time and date that the driver arrived at the job location.

The ETA, Estimated Arrival Variance and Estimated Time to Arrival columns are only visible in accounts configured to use the ETA feature. For more information, contact your Verizon Connect representative.