User Interface Elements

The user interface for Verizon Connect® Response™ is tightly integrated into the Verizon Connect® Fleet™ telematics SAAS or a compatible fleet management package. Rather than a self-contained user interface, Response augments your telematics package with a set of new screens and with alterations to existing screens that provide information about your scheduled jobs.

There are three subsets of the Response UI available. Your account can be set up to include any or all of these:

The Route Report - this is a report that is added to the Fleet built-in reports that compares the actual behavior of your vehicles with the jobs you have scheduled. When your version of Response includes only support for the Route report, your support representative will help you set up the mechanism for importing your Dynamic Response Suite data so that it is available to the report.
Job Setup and Monitoring UI - This is the bulk of the Response user interface, and is described in more detail in this help system.
Job Form support - If your version of Fleet (or compatible SAAS) includes support for Driver Forms, Response automatically picks up the ability to associate forms with Job Types. These forms are then presented to your drivers when they mark a job complete using Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™.

On some accounts, the account administrator can configure which of these subsets is available by assigning role permissions.

The Response user interface falls into the following categories:

Stand-alone screens - These are screens that are available directly from the Navigation bar in Fleet. They let you set up Response data that is required before you can use the rest of the Response user interface.
List Views - Much of the most powerful information in the Response user interface is included as extra list views that are associated with the map in Fleet. These can be accessed by opening the map and then selecting the desired list view tab. The list views provide a mechanism for tracking the progress of your field agents in real time as they perform their assigned jobs.
Dialogs - Response adds a number of dialogs that to the Fleet user interface that can perform job-related tasks.
Additions to existing dialogs and screens - Some features of Response are available as additional tabs or buttons on screens that are already part of Fleet. Typically, these allow you to adapt Fleet data so that it can be used with Response.

The topics describing the Response user interface assume that you are already familiar with the Fleet user interface (or that of a compatible fleet management package which supports Verizon Connect® Response™).