Comparing Planned and Actual Routes in the Gantt Chart

You can select or deselect a route in the Jobs Gantt chart by clicking on the shaded region that represents the route:

When a route is selected, the following changes occur:

The View or Edit Route button in the tool bar to the Gantt chart becomes enabled. You can then click on this button to display the route dialog, where you can view the route details and edit the route to change the route name, or the vehicle or driver assigned to the route.
The history layer appears over the map, showing the history of the driver assigned to the selected route, as well as the planned version of the selected route. For details, see Jobs and the history layer.
The row containing the selected route expands so that, below the selected route, you can see the actual behavior of the assigned driver's vehicle. Stops made in the actual route are shown in light blue (a scheduled stop) or light red (an unscheduled stop). Stops in both the planned and actual routes become labeled with numbers indicating their order in the route. The following screen shot illustrates what this looks like:

Note that the selected route shadow appears darker for the selected route. The row for the selected route shows the planned route on top, and the actual route on the bottom:

9 of the 11 jobs in the planned route are shown in green (Job Status = Completed). The corresponding actual route shows the stops that were made in light blue (Stop Status = Planned Stop), which indicates a scheduled stop.
The 3rd and 5th jobs in the planned route were missed, and are shown in gold (Job Status = Assigned).
The actual route shows several unplanned stops were made, which are shown in red (Stop Status = Unplanned Stop).

Note that the colors described above can be manually adjusted on the Jobs tab of the Settings dialog, and the descriptions on this page are based on the use of the default color sets.

Boxes that span the upper Planned route row represent jobs, and their color indicates the status of the job (using the parameter selected in the Color By drop-down menu, defaulting to Job Status). By default, the job status colors used are:

Job Status (Planned)

Box Color



En Route

Dark Blue

On Site

Light Blue





Boxes that span the lower Actual route represent stops. Blue boxes indicate a Planned Stop, while red boxes represent an Unplanned Stop (that is, any stops that weren't expected):

Stop Status (Actual)

Box Color

Planned Stop


Unplanned Stop