Job Details Dialog

The Job Details dialog lets you view and edit information about a job. You can display this window by selecting a job in the jobs list and choosing View Job Details from the pop-up menu, or by selecting a job in the jobs tab of a driver dialog and clicking the View button.


The name of the job.



Mini-Map: Lets you view information about the job definition and edit it if the job has not yet occurred.

Job Timing: Displays information about planned versus actual times associated with the job.

Notes: Edit or view free-form notes about the job.

Forms: View any form templates associated with the job. This tab only appears if the job has associated form templates already associated with it.

Custom Properties: Displays any custom properties configured for the job. This tab only appears if the job has custom properties already associated with it (that is, these properties can only be viewed from this tab: they cannot be add, edited or removed).


Click on or buttons to show or hide sections of the pop-up window.


Close and minimize buttons.


Click and drag on the border of the dialog to resize it.