The Settings screen appears when you tap the settings button () on the Home screen.

From here you can do the following:

Synchronize All Data Now - Submit all changes you have made and refresh from the server, so that all data in WorkPlan is up to date.
Help - Select Help to display a list of common tasks. Tap on any of these tasks for a brief description of how to perform that task, starting at the Home screen.
About - Select About to look up the version information for your copy of WorkPlan and to view the configuration details for your version of WorkPlan.
Driver Details - Select Driver Details to check your sign-in details. If this does not describe you accurately, you might want to get the back office to update your details, or you might need to sign out and back in with your correct user credentials.
Vehicle Details - Select Vehicle Details to check the details of your assigned vehicle. If this does not describe the vehicle you are using, you might want to sign out and back in again to select the correct vehicle.
General Options - Select General Options to display the general options screen. You can check the language and country settings your application has been configured to use, and change them if they are incorrect. You can also send all application logs back to the server by selecting Send Log to System, or as an email attachment by clicking Email Logs.
Admin Configuration - If you are an administrator in your organization, you can tap Configuration to display the Configuration screen.