Use Verizon Connect® Status™ to record your current status as you make your way through a job work flow. This work flow models the states you will typically be in during the course of your day, based on the unique tasks performed in your organization, and your role. This system provides greater insight into what drivers are doing at any given time, assisting with dispatch, payroll and billing. It also enables the streamlining of your organization's field operations, improving efficiency and driver safety.

Status is an option-controlled feature, and must be enabled by Verizon Connect support.

You can display the Status screen by selecting Status from the Home screen.

From the Status home page, select an appropriate custom status according the task you are about to begin (for example, taking a break or arriving at a site), then move to the appropriate Jobs or Forms screen to perform the required job tasks.

As each job or form is completed, you are returned to the main Status screen to select a new status. Choosing a new status automatically marks the end of the previously selected status.

Some statuses have an estimated time defined and you will see an alert if you approach or exceed this estimated time. In some cases you are automatically transitioned from one status to the next if you exceed the estimated  time within the status.

Your current status is shown on the main Status screen in bold text (in the example Status screen below, the current status is "Loading"), as is a timer showing the duration that has been spent in the current status.

You can return to the main WorkPlan Home screen at any time by tapping the arrow in the upper left corner of the screen.

Each day typically begins with a status that indicates you are on duty (for example Clock In in the image below), and ends with a status indicating you are off duty, and the timestamp of each status change you make during the course of your day is recorded automatically. You can view status histories by tapping the Menu icon () in the upper right corner of the application screen, which opens the History screen:

Each row on the History screen represents a status selection you made. The time the status was selected is shown on the right edge of each row, and the date of the history is shown on a gray history date bar separating each individual day.