The Jobs screen is your starting point when working with jobs. You can display the Jobs screen by tapping on the Jobs button on the Home screen, or return to it after working with a particular job.

When you first display the Jobs screen, it lists all jobs that are assigned to you, starting with the jobs scheduled for today and moving on into the future. To the right of each job in the list, an icon indicates its status. This can be any of the following:

  The job is on your to-do list.

You are currently driving to the job.

You are currently at the job site, but have not yet completed the job.

You have already completed the job.

If you select a job in the list, you can drill down to the Job screen, where you can view the job details, change the job status, manage the forms associated with the job, reject the job (if it is not yet completed), revise the job's details and return it to your to-do list (if it was marked completed), or get navigation instructions to the job.

Above the list you see three buttons. These are used to alter the list:

Filter - Filter the list so it shows only jobs of a specific type, or from a given period of time.
Add - Create a new job and add it to your to-do list.
Edit - Place the listed jobs into edit mode, so that you can mark one or more jobs in the list as completed or rejected.

Tap the Map button on the right edge of the title bar to open the Map screen, which shows the locations of all jobs in the list on a map.