WorkPlan and Mobile App Management

Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™ brings optimized work orders into the field with Apple (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. WorkPlan manages job lists and forms for your field staff, and lets them create and update the status of jobs when needed. Features include:

Optimized job order lists.
Form delivery and input - associated with jobs or independently.
Creation of new jobs on location.
Update job status in real-time.
On-demand form delivery.
Plug-ins for Hours of Service or Navigation.
Self-monitoring of driver behavior with the Coach plug-in.

WorkPlan is designed to work in conjunction with other Verizon Connect platform web applications, such as the Verizon Connect® Dispatch™ and Verizon Connect® Scenarios™ tools and the Fleet telematics application. Jobs can be created and dispatched by the back office via Scenarios, Dispatch or Fleet, or your field staff can create jobs quickly using WorkPlan. Using WorkPlan, your field staff can update the status of jobs and those updates are available in real-time by the back office monitoring progress using Fleet.

Forms can be created in Fleet, then attached to job types in the back office, associated with jobs by your field staff using WorkPlan, or used independently of any particular job. When your field staff fill out and submit forms using WorkPlan, the forms are delivered in real-time to your Fleet account.

This section includes the following topics:

Configuring Mobile User Accounts - This page describes the configuration options available to you for managing your mobile user accounts. This includes the ability to enable and disable features, to specify global default values for all new accounts, and the steps required to customize individual driver accounts. If your account includes support for Navigation, Coach, Mobile Forms, or Driver Status, this section describes the steps needed to enable or disable these features for your drivers.
Creating User Access Windows - This page describes the steps needed to govern the days of the week, and the time of day, that a given subuser account may access the WorkPlan mobile application.