Typically, managers are actually interested in managing drivers, not vehicles. This software allows fleet managers to assign drivers to vehicles and move drivers among vehicles. Once drivers are assigned to vehicles, a manager can run reports and historical information on a single driver even as they move among vehicles or vehicles are replaced in the fleet.

You can display information about all of your the drivers using the Drivers screen. From there, you can view or edit detailed information about a driver, including vital statistics, insurance information, license details, and even photos.

If your drivers are equipped with handheld devices that run Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™, you can use this product to receive, store, and print out hours of service reports that comply with the US Department of Transportation safety regulations. WorkPlan also lets you communicate with your driver's mobile devices quickly and easily.


Just as vehicles are grouped into fleets, drivers are grouped into teams. One driver can belong to an arbitrary number of teams. Teams can be used to control which drivers a user can work with and to create groups of drivers that you can use as the subject of a report.