Mobile Driver Forms

Mobile driver forms are forms you can define that drivers fill out using a separate app, such as Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™, that runs on a mobile device. These forms are similar to the messages that are used with Mobile messaging, but differ in the following ways:

Forms are designed using the Form Templates screen rather than as part of a message immediately sent to drivers.
Forms are provided to drivers in one of three ways:
oThey can be associated with job types (if your account includes Verizon Connect® Response™), in which case they are sent to the driver when a job of the specific job type is dispatched.
To associate a form template with a job type, from the Tasks section of the navigation bar choose Job Types. Select a job type from the left menu, then click the Forms tab in the right part of the screen. Click Add Form and choose a form template. Click Save.
oIf you are using Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™ version 3.6 or later, they can be associated with asset types (if your account includes this subscription option). In this case they are sent to the driver when an asset of a specific type is used.
To associate a form template with an asset type, from the Tasks section of the navigation bar choose Asset Types. Select an asset type from the left menu, open the DVIR tab and select the forms. This method of providing driver forms is the only method that allows you to provide more than one on-demand DVIR form. For more information on associating DVIR forms with asset types see Configuring Multiple DVIR Forms.
oA driver who is equipped with Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™ can select them from the set of all forms you have defined and saved.
If the forms are named "DVIR", "Pre DVIR", or "Post DVIR", these DVIR forms can be configured to be presented automatically when signing in or out, or both, or made available on demand at any time from the DVIR screen on the mobile device, based on the settings configured on the Mobile Defaults tab of the Settings dialog box, or the Verizon Connect Mobile tab of the Driver Details dialog box (using the "DVIR" section).
When Forms are completed by your drivers, they are displayed in the Driver Forms screen.