Navigation Management

Navigation by Verizon Connect is a commercial navigation app that is designed for professional drivers who require accurate, truck-legal turn-by-turn directions. Navigation allows you to:

Generate driver routes that comply with constraints including truck weight, size and load.
Set preferences on road crossing turns and U-turns.
Get accurate turn-by-turn navigation for your team’s mobile devices, customized to the unique needs of your vehicles.
See real-world previews of the road ahead, listen to spoken directions, and receive alerts to stay informed, focused and well-prepared for what’s coming up.
Navigate in remote locations using offline map data.
Use feedback options allowing drivers to contribute to the wider driver community with comments about route quality, road closures and other emergencies.
Integrate with WorkPlan to allow drivers to navigate directly to a particular job and to see Hours of Service (HOS) data in real-time within the Navigation app.
Easily set up all your drivers, vehicles and jobs by integrating with the Verizon Connect platform.